It all began in 2009, The founder Istafiana Candarini, Nadya Karina and Afina Candarini hit upon the name Kami Idea. They took the word 'Kami' meaning 'Us' in English and 'God' in Japanese. And they put 'Idea' as the second word, so that their ideas, imaginations and creativities never run dry.

Under the name, they created Fashion Crafting as their first product line. They created bold and unique pieces of accessories before stepping up into the whole Fashion Industry in 2010. They wanted to establish a fashion retail that is more than clothing. It's more a manner, a solution, and an expression of utilizing clothing and accessories to show personality of someone and is undeniably an element in everyone life.

Grow up in Indonesia, they feel the challenge in developing Indonesian heritage that are often neglected. Kami Idea developed as a place where they packed together their vision.


From their simple principles, seeing a need for fashion that could hold up under Indonesian tropical weather, especially for Muslim women, they created fashion that is wearable, comfortable, yet bold and stand up. They design and market products that women around their 20s and 30s love. Seeing children as number one love for their mothers, they also design and market their kids' line. Those products include casual dresses, tops, outers, shawls, and related accessories for women and children.

Their trademark is their tie dye specialty. And they manage to be the trendsetter and one of Indonesian known brand under the specialty.


Kami Idea started with only three persons, emprises the designer, visual creative and finance. Developed into more than 30 team personnel. Relied their business on Facebook, they now have their resellers across Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Now the world could enjoy their creativity through www.kamiidea.com.


Fashion is an ever-changing world, and Kami Idea product development departments committed to cope with the demand and evolution, creating more and more wearable fashion and solutions. Means not only tie dye specialty, their team is preparing more and more Indonesian heritage that are packed in modern and wearable fashion.

Concept, product development and production takes place in their comfy bamboo hut in Karang Tengah, Jakarta Selatan

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